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 Freight any complexity

"Coordinator" - is a freight-forwarding company which provides complex solutions to issues of delivery of liquid and bulk freights. Regardless of whether you require transportation of goods in the internal or external connection, to complete tasks we are ready to offer road, rail and sea transport. Freightage can be carried out by using the following types of rolling stock:

  • Tank truck for liquid or bulk freights;
  • Tank containers;
  • Dump-body truck of different capacity;
  • Flexi-tanks;
  • Bulk power containers and power tanks
  • Railway carriages of different types.

Here you can get not only the standard list of offers that are made by Ukrainian transporters but a full range of services for the transportation of dangerous, oversized or standard freight depending on customers’ needs. We offer the following forms of cooperation:

  • Providing the customer with a special rolling stock;
  • Creating the optimal scheme of the route and study of the delivery conditions to the smallest detail;
  • Control over all stages of loading / unloading;
  • Getting in the shortest possible time all the necessary permits;
  • Drawing up the insurance of goods on the most advantageous terms;
  • Professional advice before concluding and signing the contract and in the future, with direct transportation of the goods.

Our company is a team of professionals, who can help you to solve any problem. Responsible, purposeful, keeping pace with progress – that is what we can say about ourselves. It is definitely confirmed by our clients who have chosen us as a partner.

Transportation of bulk cargo: strict control and accounting

If you need to transport liquid cargo, you are on the right track. We will help you to carry out the delivery by road, sea or rail; it all depends on the volume of cargo and its level of danger (E.g., oil, petrol, etc.).

One of the most important terms which a transport of liquid cargo requires is a full containment and integrity of the container. Even the slightest leak will cause great financial losses of a customer and loss of our reputation that is why we exclude both the first and the second. That is why we carefully check the integrity of tanks and their condition before arranging and making a delivery. We have special tanks for each type of cargo: for chemical, food, technical, dangerous goods, etc. Depending on the volume of transported freight, it is better to choose a road or rail transportation. The first option is suitable for light weight goods that need to be transported on a short distance. Rail-carriage, as well as sea transport is ideal for freights with a weight from several thousand tons.

Transportation of bulk cargo, accuracy and speed

Similarly to the transportation of liquid cargo, bulk cargo transportation may be carried out. Road, railway and sea transport can be applied as well. In order to avoid even the slightest loss, we use special dump-body trucks with a self-dumping body. As a result, you get a neat unloading in one place. Transportation of bulk cargo by road provides the fastest delivery, as it is the most appropriate type of transportation.

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