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  • Transportation of constructing
  • transportation of agricultural machinery
  • transportation of boats and yachts
  • transportation of bulky cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo (oversized transportation)

"Coordinator" provides professional services of oversized cargo transportation on the territory of Ukraine and other countries of the world.

To implement the task, we use technically equipped road and railway transport that provides the ability to transport oversized cargo.

Oversized transportation requires specific permission documents. Also, it is important to agree the route and time of the cargo transportation. Because of there are a lot of documents that are needed to be signed, oversized transportations are considered to be quite problematic when the owners transport on their own. But you can avoid solving these problems by entrusting the implementation of a delivery to our company, which will assume all decisions related to the loading of the freight.

If you need to transport bulky equipment or engineering (construction, agriculture), as well as any other large cargo on the territory of Ukraine, then, among other things, you will need a specialized transport that can transport your cargo.

But if you entrust the implementation of the delivery of the cargo to "Coordinator" Company then any issues (with documents and car) will be solved by us, and you will get a successful execution of the order.

Transportation of construction engineering

Transportation of construction engineering is a very popular service in transportation of oversized cargo on the territory of Ukraine and abroad, as most of the regions are focused on the construction sector. A large number of successful transportations of this type of cargo enable us to guarantee you that the freight will be delivered at the specified time and at a favorable rate.

Thanks to specially equipped transport the transportation of the engineering is not a problem for our team of professionals.

Transportation of agricultural machinery

All agricultural machinery, that you trust us is transported in observing of conditions of the increased safety. Before each transportation we necessarily make preliminary preparation of the equipment for loading and its further transportation, and also check the trucks and fasteners.

The transportation of agricultural machinery causes some difficulties, namely the presence of mounted structures (seeders, buckets, mowers). When you select an organization for the implementation of the transportation, our staff takes into account not merely the weight and dimensions of the equipment, but also the availability of opportunities to place mounted structures on the same platform. This makes it possible to save your money as much as possible.

Transportation of agricultural machinery is carried out on the territory of Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe and worldwide.

Combines transportation

Transportation of combines is one of the most popular types of transportation of oversized cargoes implemented in Ukraine. Their distinctive feature is the presence of large cargo. Each combine has certain features which have to be taken into account in the planning and organization of the transportation. Upon delivery from the Europe countries the wheels are dismantled; that reduces the dimensions of the equipment. The opportunity of loading the combine without using expensive lifts has a great value.

Transportation of grain harvester combines during harvest is important, as it requires accuracy and reliability of the carrier company. Considering all factors, our staff provides you with the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

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