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transportation of hazardous cargo

Hazardous cargo

Transport Company "Coordinator" closely monitors the delivery of any cargo entrusted to it, and especially hazardous. Hazardous cargo is those which may endanger the transport that is the carrier, as well as personnel involved in the transportation in case of the emergency.

Hazardous cargo, which will be carried by the "Coordinator» Company, will no longer be in the category of "problems" for you. It will be in the category of profit increasing or costs reducing for the organization. We arrange the delivery considering all the nuances for you not to be worried.

Transportation of hazardous cargo

To provide your comfort and tranquility, as well as proper security of cargo during transportation of cargo of increased danger our company takes all possible measures to ensure the preservation of the environment and safety of people.

Transport of hazardous cargo is possible by using various means of transport, both road and rail. All vehicles in which Hazardous cargo is transported, have a resolution of international standard, and are equipped according to all technical standards.

Expanding the horizons of your and our activities, the transportation of hazardous cargo by "Coordinator" is possible on the whole territory of Ukraine, Europe and the world.

The delivery of hazardous cargo from Europe

Europe, like other countries, is an important economic partner and enables Ukraine to enter a new market. The delivery of hazardous cargo from Europe is important for many companies in Ukraine, which appreciate the quality of European products.

It is important to know that the delivery of hazardous cargo from Europe includes the elaboration of various components of transportation, control potential risks and optimization of all resources during the transportation of hazardous cargo. Our managers will plan every aspect of the route of transportation of hazardous cargo and minimize your costs and anxiety, because we want to offer you cooperation on the best terms.

International delivery of hazardous cargo

Please note that international delivery of hazardous cargo is provided by us in the shortest time and at the best rates for you. Thanks to the special programs and software, the company always follows with precision the location of your sending in real time. This service is available through the online viewing of the transportation route, which provides a guarantee of safety and security of your hazardous cargo and the effectiveness of the chosen itinerary.

International transportation of hazardous cargo in cooperation with us has its benefits:

  • implementation of the delivery to any destination in the world specified by you;
  • the use of different transport types for excellent execution of the order;
  • providing various related logistics services;
  • monitoring of the location of the cargo at any time;
  • favorable pricing and terms of cooperation;
  • consideration of your individual tasks.
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