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Groupage cargo delivery

Delivery of groupage cargo, namely the delivery of small-sized goods as a part of groupage cargo is very popular. Delivery of groupage cargos enables transportation of small-sized freights of different customers to the same direction using the same vehicle.

Road transportation of groupage cargos. Transportation of groupage cargos.

If you have a need to perform a delivery of medium-sized goods to any city of Ukraine, or in another country, we advise you to use the service of "transportation of groupage cargos," which will be most effectively performed by "Coordinator". This type of transportation allows delivering your freight with small capacity and size to the destination, without making unnecessary payments for the rent of vehicles. But the benefit is not only in price, you will certainly get all the advantages offered by our transportation company, namely insurance of goods, speed of order, safety and quality of transportation.

Transportation of freight is most effective and efficient during delivery of goods from other countries. Depending on circumstances when the goods from Ukraine have to be transported to different clients at the same time but the size of these goods is not enough to fill in the whole truck the most advantageous in this case is to use groupage cargo transportation.

In that case you will not overpay for an empty space in the car. We will simply collect all the freight forwarding to Ukraine into one truck and it will be delivered to the right city and in specified time. Thus everybody will be in the black.

Groupage cargo transportations that are carried out by "Coordinator" are performed every day, getting to the specified warehouse in the shortest possible time. This is a great advantage compared to the postal services, which are inferior to us in the speed and cost of delivery. And we know how it is important for you to get your goods safe and sound at the right time.

Transportation services

Our company provides transportation services for route planning, transportation and delivery of cargo. We respect the client's budget and appreciate his time, and thus the route from point of departure to the point of arrival will be the most efficient and profitable.

For us, transport services are a timely arrival of the vehicle to the place of loading, transportation of freight to the place of pre-planning of the travel route. While planning the route, we try to minimize the possibility of the road vehicle to get into the most probable traffic jam to save your money and time.

Delivery of goods

Delivery of goods is carried out by a large number of transport companies with different multi-disciplinary cars in its auto park. Vehicles are defined by executable functions (for example, a refrigerator is used for the transport of perishable food goods, tankers - for delivery of liquids, including flammable goods, etc.), as well as the maximum permissible weight of the transportation.

Delivery of goods by vehicles with the twenty two tons capacity is carried out around the clock, so residents of the country can buy fresh products at any time, which is an important factor in securing livelihoods of people.

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