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Freight transportation

Transport Company "Coordinator" has been carrying out freight transportation for more than 5 years. During this period the number of our regular customers has increased. The largest and the most well-known Ukrainian companies trust us their goods transportation. We do not waste our words saying that we provide all logistics services. Recommendations and reviews of successful bargains give us the right to say that we really carry out freight transportation of any complexity, regardless of the distance and the type of freight.

We transport freights of any tonnage, type and form. You only need to name the type of freight, its weight and capacity, as well as the destination. Our staff can quickly calculate the cost of the delivery and recommend the most optimal route path.

We work only with the best insurance companies and thanks to it the terms of the insurance «from all risks» are most suitable and reliable for the most demanding customers.

Freight transportation in Ukraine

Our company carries out transportation by road to any cities and regions of Ukraine.

Note that it is important to plan exact and detailed route, because it is an important part of the organization of freight transportation in Ukraine. The movement of vehicles should be properly counted, as this affects the delivery date and the amount of your expenses. We strive to reduce both expenses as well as terms of delivery, that is why we use different cars, the most adaptive for a particular type of transportation, and count every step to achieve the goal.

Different vehicles with a wide range of trailers and bodies enable the provision of transport services for the needs of any client.

Also professional and experienced drivers knowing perfectly all highways of the country can warrant that freight transportation in Ukraine or in any other specified region will be carried out at the highest level.

Multimodal transportation

If one road vehicle is not enough for the transportation of your freight, then you should not confuse yourself by looking for some others transport companies to provide the continuity of delivery. We have a way out. Multimodal transportations are carried out by means of combined transport. For freight transportation only one contract is concluded. It enables the use of transport for delivery of several types: by see, rail, road, and air.

Nowadays multimodal transports are one of the most convenient and effective way to deliver the freights to various distances. A lot of companies strive for facilitation of the freight transportation, entrusting its implementation to the only forwarder placing on him all the responsibility for timely delivery, and any risks occurring during transportation.

Container transport

To provide safety of your freight, as well as creating the most convenient conditions of transportation, we carry out container transportation in Ukraine and other countries of the world, whereby customers get the best combination of quality, price and time.

Container transport is a delivery of required freight to the specified place of the country in the shortest time. The advantage of this type of transportation is an absolute safety, universality and effectiveness.

Refrigerated transportation

"Coordinator" company also specializes in the transportation of freights that require special temperature conditions. Such delivery is possible according to the presence of transport equipped with a refrigeration system.

Refrigerated transportations guarantee the fulfillment of customers’ requirements: safety of freights, maintaining of the optimal temperature, the quality of delivery and short terms.

Refrigerated transports allow to deliver even the most delicate and perishable goods without any loss of quality to the destination.

Our each client receives the most advantageous conditions and successful execution of his order. We work only this way! Are you ready to take risks when transporting your freight? No. We know how to carry out the delivery of any complexity. Trust us and we will not let you down!

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