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InsuranceThe credo of our company - is reliability. We really appreciate working with you and that is why we try to increase the range of activities that will help to deliver your goods to the specified destination successfully and without any losses. Safety of the freight is our compulsory condition. We appreciate every our customer and understand that confidence in avoiding risks is a big plus. Therefore we offer freight insurance services.

Our policy involves collaboration only with the best insurance companies which has made a good showing. Be sure that the conditions of insurance delivered by us are the most advantageous and reliable, and are warranted by reliable and well-known companies.

We draw up an insurance contract for the one-time transportation of goods, or a general agreement that covers the full amount of transportations that are carried out by the insured person under certain conditions for a specified time. We constantly insure a large number of goods of our customers and it allows us to offer you insurance at the lowest price.

We provide compulsory freight insurance, as well as the possibility of voluntary insurance, which allows you to insure your freight from possible cases, which are not mentioned in the main contract.

Freight insurance is the confidence that you will not lose the money invested in case of occurrence of unforeseen circumstances. The entire amount specified in the policy will be refunded by the insurance company, if something happens to your freight at any stage of its transportation.

International cargo transportation is a special kind of transportation for which specific insurance is set: the insurance of such transportation has to include the maximum possible risks. If you insure the goods that our company transports to any country, it is not just giving you a guarantee of refund in the case of risk, but you also meet one of the terms of the international law, which considers the obligatory insurance of goods.

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